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Be More Like SpaceX: The Elon Musk Approach To PPC

Patrick Gilbert

15:05 - 15:35

Serious question: Are your business goals more or less challenging than those of SpaceX? Chances are, probably less. Elon Musk’s ultimate goal for SpaceX is to colonize Mars, but along the way, has built a profitable space transportation company and developed technology that has revolutionized the aerospace industry.

The secret is in their approach. SpaceX ensures that their short term goals not just align with their long term vision, but also provide useful R&D that makes their long term vision possible. It’s a two-birds-one-stone framework that allows them to solve some of the universe’s most complex problems.

PPC professionals need to adapt a similar approach. Too often do we succumb to the short term and fail to set ourselves up for long term success. We set unrealistic expectations around campaign performance: we expect our Search campaigns to be as profitable as our Shopping campaigns, and fail to recognize (or attempt to measure) the mutual benefits that both campaign types might have on one another.

Patrick Gilbert, author of Join or Die: Digital Advertising in the Age of Automation presents his approach to solving the most complex problems within a PPC account. The “Falcon Testing Framework,” inspired by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, will allow you to realign your focus in a way that allows your short term goals to set a practical foundation for long term success.

If you’re interested in taking your business into orbit—literally or metaphorically—the Falcon Testing Framework will provide the rocket fuel.

Patrick Gilbert

COOAdVenture Media GroupPatrick Gilbert is the author of Join or Die: Digital Advertising in the Age of Automation and the co-host of the “How To Hide a Dead Body” digital marketing podcast. He was listed among the “Top 50 Most Influential PPC Experts of 2020” by PPC Hero and a “Top 10 Thought Leader on PPC Machine Learning” by

Patrick has received international recognition from Google for his thought-leadership on automation and agency management, having led agency training sessions at Google’s headquarters in both NYC and London, and delivered a keynote speech at the Premier Partner Awards in Dublin in 2019.

He is currently the COO at AdVenture Media Group, a digital advertising agency with offices in New York, Philadelphia, and South Florida. Their client roster includes Forbes, Sennheiser, Slinger Bag, and Sports Illustrated. He grew up in Long Island, NY, and studied marketing at Penn State University.