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Becoming a “Market Maker”: How to Build Your Own Demand Through SEO and Content Marketing

Hannah Thorpe

14:10 - 14:40

In the last year it feels like EVERYONE has switched to digital – we’ve seen online ad spends going up and up and customers becoming overwhelmed with the sheer amount of businesses shouting out for attention from them. Audiences are becoming almost blind to different brands as it feels like they’re all just selling the same thing; so how do you stand out? The simple answer : Stop competing.

Instead of joining the race to the bottom of decreasing margins and costly campaigns, differentiate yourself from the competition and use your marketing to create an entirely new market. Using methods from the Blue Ocean Strategy theory, this talk will explore how to convince customers of your uniqueness and eliminate the risk of competitors – building a demand for your own product/service that no-one else out there can provide.

Hannah Thorpe

Managing Director - Verkeer

Hannah is Managing Director at London based digital marketing agency Verkeer, Hannah has over eight years of search experience having devised and managed a range of successful online campaigns for such large brands as Twinings, Le Creuset, And So To Bed, M&G and Elsevier.

Specialising in combining technical SEO tactics with clever content marketing delivery, Hannah is responsible for leading complex technical strategies through to creating innovative content campaigns that are underpinned by detailed search and audience data to drive positive ROI for her clients