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Case: How Blokker is prioritizing SEO changes through SEO A/B testing

Marco Warmerdam

12:10 - 12:40

Over the years online has become increasingly important for Blokker, a familiar face in the shopping streets with more than 400 physical stores. To meet the online need and to keep-up with the fast moving online landscape the 125 year old company started operating as a start-up with quick and agile projects like SEO A/B testing.

Organic search is the most important source of traffic for Blokker. As for most organizations, proving SEO ROI and cost-effective use of development time is essential to prioritize SEO changes. This is at the heart of why data-driven SEO solutions such as SEO A/B testing are an important key to success. By testing, Blokker can be confident that all changes implemented will also yield positive results. During this talk, Blokker shares their testing methodology and learnings.

Marco Warmerdam

Performance Specialist - Blokker

Marco is working as Performance Specialist at Blokker, one of Netherlands oldest retailers in household items and electronics with over 400 physical stores, where he is responsible for SEO and PPC.

After starting his own online agency after college, working for small retailers and governmental organizations, he began focusing on SEO, PPC and conversion optimization for a B2B company in the IT-sector. Feeling he completed this chapter, he accepted a new challenge at Blokker during the COVID -19 lockdown.

With all the stores closed, online became even more important for Blokker. With initiatives such as “Blokker Express”, the 125 year old company started operating as a start-up with quick and agile projects to meet the online need. In this new reality, the main focus is to keep the online growth going and still drive enough traffic to the physical stores.