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Ditch ROAS; alternatives for more accurate PPC results

Mike Ryan

14:20 - 14:45

Performance Max, more than any other campaign type or bidding technology so far, calls for a modernized approach to management that depends not on pressing buttons and turning dials, but on informing and guiding the platform with strong strategies and supportive data. This talk presents a framework for smarter PMax Retail campaigns, as well as ideas for how to bring that framework to life.

As the post-pandemic ecommerce market tightens, and the specter of a new global recession looms, there has never been a better time to get serious about campaign profitability. I’ll discuss why ROAS is a flawed metric, the risks of revenue-based ad optimization, and approaches to profit-based optimization. In addition, I’ll dig into the clicked vs. bought dilemma in product advertising, how to track and analyze these phenomena, and which kind of profitability insights may be derived from them. The end result is an evolution from product revenue to order profit, which takes on increased significance in the face of ever-more-automated campaign types from Google.

Mike Ryan

Portfolio Strategist - Smarter Ecommerce (smec)

Mike is a Boston native living in Austria. He combines years of retail operations experience with domain expertise in digital marketing to deliver highly relevant insights with a bias toward action.

In retail, Mike has done everything from warehousing and delivery to purchasing and catalog strategy. In marketing, Mike has managed data visualization and automated campaign management software in addition to numerous innovation projects.

This unusual blend of experience makes him highly valuable to audiences, whether in panel discussions, presenting data analyses, or moderating with unmatched curiosity.