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Predictive modelling: How to turn an initial smartbidding failure

Gerben Wiering & Sander Janssen

Performance marketing in general and specifically paid search plays a major role in Freo’s mediamix. The biggest challenge for Freo is to aqcuire qualitative leads that actually lead to a contract. In 2018 Google introduced smartbidding. Something we believed in and decided to implement. The result was a significant increase in leads. But at the same time the quality of de leads started declining. Resulting in a lower total sales volume. For this, we found a solution and today in 2020 we found again a way to let Google increase the leads and increase the quality of our leads. A future proof solution which is suited for many sales and lead campaign in paid search.

Gerben Wiering

Digital Marketing Manager - Freo (Rabobank)

Since February 2019 Gerben is working as digital marketing manager at Freo. In this role he is responsible for the performance of the website of Freo and (online) marketing performance. Freo is a lender for the Dutch consumer market in which Freo has focus on a strong digital proposition. This proposition makes automation and the right use of data a high priority on Freo’s agenda. Before his role as digital marketing manager Gerben worked for several years as online marketing consultant at Reprise Digital (Traffic4u). In this role he worked in different industries in which he had focus on marketing automation by combining algorithms with back office data.


Sander Janssen

Head of Digital - Freo (Rabobank)

Sander is working at Freo as Head of Digital. As a Rabobank subsidiary, Freo is an online lender for the Dutch consumer market. Freo has been showing significant growth in recent years and is currently looking for new ways to accelerate this growth. Search marketing has always been central in Freo’s acquisition strategy and the primary driver for recent growth. Freo therefore continues to invest in further optimizing this marketing channel. Sander has more than 10 years of experience in the digital domain working first as a digital consultant for large financial institutions. Sander is passionate about the digitalisation of in the broad sense and the challenges in marketing and customer processes with which organisations are faced. In recent years, Sander has moved to the client-side and has been working with digital teams. First at APG and now at Freo.