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Advanced GSC search performance analysis: how to spot patterns for actionable insights that reap results

Izzi Smith

Google Search Console gives us tons of insights into real organic search performance but what is found on the surface is either ambiguous or too time-consuming to dig into for really actionable learnings. To help fix that, Izzi’s workshop takes a deep-dive into how to better interpret GSC data and how to identify specific patterns and behaviours that will speed up future analyses, all with a ton of juicy case studies and existing correlations such as query intent shifts, cannibalization, Featured Snippets, and a load more that you can look out for right away.

Izzi Smith

Technical SEO Analyst - Ryte

Izzi is a Technical SEO Analyst at Ryte where she loves spending her time solving technical mysteries, sharing her knowledge, and helping beloved clients create even more awesome websites for their users and Search Engines. Izzi has spoken at many top industry events and conferences across Europe, and has been rated the best speaker several times.