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An SEO Creative (R)evolution: using data and ideas to stay ahead

Kirsty Hulse

We have always thought of as search as a channel for converting customers, and capturing demand for customers who know what they are looking for, or have a specific question in mind. However, with the ever changing SERP landscape, how can we use creativity and traditional marketing techniques to use search to improve brand sentiment, and create powerful, compelling messaging that will resonate across all channels. Using data from her own tests and campaigns, Kirsty will make the case for injecting more creativity in to all of our SEO activity.

Kirsty Hulse

Founder - Manyminds

Kirsty Hulse is an SEO, content and PR expert with over a decade of experience defining search strategies for some of the world’s leading brands. As the Managing Director of successful SEO agency Manyminds, she has worked with household global brands such as Virgin Atlantic, Claire’s, Wayfair, and Provident Financial, alongside agile start-ups. She has recently co-founded Outrageous Creative, an agency with a focus on bringing more originality and creativity to our marketing campaigns. She’s a renowned speaker on SEO, business disruption, innovation and leadership, and the author of the bestselling book ‘The Future is Freelance’.

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