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Panel: How to reach the ‘post-pandemic’ Workday Consumer

James Murray

10:00 - 10:35

Not so long ago, from Monday through Friday, many consumers went to offices where they engaged in their “work-life” activities. When they went home, they spent time immersed in their “personal life” activities. But then the pandemic accelerated a trend that had already started; a life where personal and work are intertwined. Meet the Workday Consumer!

In November 2021 Microsoft enlisted the help of Forrester Consulting to undertake global research that evaluates these changing consumer behaviours and brands’ readiness to adapt their online marketing and advertising strategies.

At Friends of Search, Microsoft will present these findings and Clemmentijn Treinen will lead a panel discussion with:

  1. Jeroen Maaijen (Head of Paid Performance Marketing​ at TUI)
  2. Arend de Ruiter (Digital Performance Marketing Manager​ at

They will be discussing the immediate effects on the advertising industry.

James Murray

EMEA Product Marketing Lead - Microsoft Advertising

James Murray is the EMEA Product Marketing Lead for Microsoft Advertising. In his role he is responsible for storytelling across Europe and orchestrating engineering engagements in the region to inform product development. James connects sales, marketing and engineering to develop and execute local product marketing plans across 35 regions. He is a powerful raconteur and product evangelist, being a regular contributor at industry events across the globe.