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From the customer who just wanted to buy

Katharina Stapel

15:05 - 15:35

A humorous eye-opener takes you through the world of e-commerce and lands you in the digital shopping from hell. In this workshop you’ll learn the deadly sins of sales and aha experiences, what sales strategies look like that really work, how customers search and what marketing can adapt from sales. With brain, charm and method: a mix of professional digital sales, sales-based SEO, behavioral strategy and a little reflection put participants directly into action. Participants will learn new approaches to SEO strategies for better sales through the eyes of the customer.

Katharina Stapel

Founder & Managing DirectorStapelfux GmbHKatharina Stapel is the founder and managing director of the Stapelfux GmbH with almost 20 years of experience in internal and external corporate communications. She supports the development of sales processes on a strategic managing director level. She develops processes, builds teams and integrates learning participation. In addition, she is actively engaged in ensuring that science has a practical value for companies. Currently, she is co-leading a study at the MHH in Germany on the topic of “Nudging in companies”. Based on behavioural economics, process management, data-driven decisions and sales management are among her main areas of expertise. She publishes regularly and is invited as an international speaker at congresses and conferences.