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Keynote: How to reach the ‘post-pandemic’ Workday Consumer

Mareike Zöllner

10:00 - 10:35

Not so long ago, from Monday through Friday, many consumers went to offices where they engaged in their “work-life” activities. When they went home, they spent time immersed in their “personal life” activities. But then the pandemic accelerated a trend that had already started; a life where personal and work are intertwined. Meet the Workday Consumer!

In November 2021 Microsoft enlisted the help of Forrester Consulting to undertake global research that evaluates these changing consumer behaviours and brands’ readiness to adapt their online marketing and advertising strategies.

At Friends of Search, Microsoft will present these findings and you will discover the best strategies to reach this new consumer persona.

Mareike Zöllner

Sr. Marketing LeadMicrosoft

Mareike Zöllner is International Marketing Lead – Startups & SMBs. Based in Paris, she is part of the International Marketing team at Microsoft Advertising. Previously, she worked as Program Marketing Lead for Meta in Dublin and has gained entrepreneurial experience as founder of a cupcake business. She has a BSc. in International Business from Maastricht University and a M.A. in Global Media and Communication from the University of Warwick. You can reach out to Mareike via LinkedIn.

Unfortunately, we have decided not to organize a Belgian edition of Friends of Search in 2024. The 11th edition of Friends of Search we are organising in the Netherlands. Belgian visitors are of course more than welcome. Join us on March 21, 2024, in de Kromhouthal in Amsterdam.

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