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(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About Crawling, Indexing, and Especially Rendering in Google

Barry Adams

14:05 - 14:35

What does it actually mean when Google says, as part of their indexing process, they render webpages in a Chrome browser? How does this rendering work, and how does it relate to other technical SEO processes like crawling and indexing? In this talk Barry Adams will cover the essentials of this Holy Trinity of technical SEO, with special focus on the rendering phase of Google’s indexing pipeline. You’ll learn what rendering is, how it relates to crawling and indexing, and what can go wrong when webpages are being rendered.

Barry Adams

Founder & SEO consultantPolemic Digital

Barry Adams has building and ranking websites since 1998. Over the years he’s honed his skills in a wide range of businesses, from small agencies to Fortune 500 multinationals. In 2014 Barry founded SEO consultancy Polemic Digital, delivering specialised SEO services to clients such as the UK’s most-read newspapers The Sun and the Daily Mail and America’s most popular news channel Fox News. In addition to his consulting work, Barry lectures on SEO and digital marketing for several universities and travels the world to speak at digital conferences. He also serves as chief editor at award-winning European digital marketing blog State of Digital, and is on the judging panel for the annual European, US Search & Friends of Search Awards.

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