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Case Otrium: a multi-market strategy to sell excess stock for over 400 fashion brands

Marcel Smal

15:35 - 16:05

Otrium sees a future where all clothing is worn, solving the multi-billion dollar industry challenge of unsold inventory. The company’s proprietary technology enables brands of any size to quickly set up their own outlet store through its managed marketplace across 9 markets.

With 400 designer brands live on the platform each has different demands in terms of search query visibility and communication. As such, tight control over Paid Search & Shopping is essential. This means that campaign types like Smart Shopping and Performance Max aren’t used.

Learn how we implemented a new fully automated strategy with maximum control and flexibility, which led to reducing the required FTE’s from eight to two while last but not least: doubled the advertising efficiency (ROAS).

Marcel Smal

Co-founder - Roots Network

Marcel Smal has worked in Paid Search for over 9 years, on a number of big retailers and travel clients, with a passion for automation and creating new approaches to improve performance.