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Frequently asked questions

Friends of Search 2021

Friends of Search Awards 2021

  • When will registration for the Friends of Search Awards 2021 open?

    Registration for the Friends of Search Awards 2021 will open on May 25, 2021. For more information on how to enter, check out this page.

  • How will my entry be judged?

    You can find tips about the judgement process in this blogpost. After the entry deadline the judging panel will be given access to read your submission and view your images, videos and links. The judging panel will only read and use the entries for the purposes of the judging and are required to sign NDAs. The judging panel will be looking for evidence of:

    • Clear strategic thinking;
    • Innovation;
    • Effectiveness;
    • Tangible results;
    • Clarity and Transparency.
  • Tips for entering

    Give each entry a unique title to grab the judges interest – try to avoid generic names e.g. “Best strategy”.
    When writing your report don’t assume the judges have seen your work or campaign, give clear concise answers on the brief, the objectives and results and figures should include the starting point and any increases.

  • Writing your case

    Your entry should be no more than 1500 words plus an extra 250 words should be used for an executive summary and you must use the entry templates available here, once the awards are open for entry.
    Download your entry templates in the section above.
    The format for your report is as follows:

      Executive Summary to summarise the key points in your report.
      Brief description of project/campaign/strategy.
    • BUDGET
      Provide details of the campaign/strategy’s budget.
      Brief and objectives, including any targets set. (e.g. cost-saving, income generation, increasing brand awareness).
      Strategy for achieving the above objectives (including details of marketing, PR, etc).
      Results including evidence of effectiveness prior and post campaign E.g. and increase in sales/revenue/traffic /awareness etc. Please provide comparable before and after figures. Use exact figures rather than %.
  • Who can enter?

    Entries are open to anyone in the search industry who are producing great work in search.
    Agencies, search engines and technology providers however, are excluded from entering as ownership of an entry must be with brand/advertiser side.

  • How much does it cost to enter?

    Entries for both categories of the Friends of Search Awards are free.

  • Why enter?
    • To demonstrate your digital talent and skills to your company and peers by presenting your case at Friends of Search 2021.
    • To have your work judged by international search experts and Friends of Search speakers on our judging panel.
    • To raise your profile as an award winning company in the search industry and gain fantastic PR/Recruitment opportunities.
    • To boost morale throughout your company and to reward your hard working individuals and teams.
  • What are the Friends of Search Awards?

    Each year, the search community turns its attention to the annual Friends of Search Awards. Interest and anticipation eventually build to the fevered case presentations of the winners at Friends of Search, where at least 600 search fanatics are present to watch the ceremony and learn who will receive the highest honours in search marketing. For more information, check out this page.