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About Friends of Search

With at least 600 visitors each year, Friends of Search is one of Europe’s largest search conferences. Each year consultants, marketers, and businesses of every size attend Friends of Search to learn the latest insights on and techniques in SEO, SEA and more that will help them improve their online marketing strategies. As an attendee, you get to interact with international, expert-level speakers to get answers to your questions, and you get to network with fellow attendees to gain additional insights.

The next edition of Friends of Search is going to be our 11th edition! Friends of Search will be held on March 21, 2024, in the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam.

Friends of Search is hosted by industry associations DDMA and VIA

About DDMA

With 360+ members, DDMA is the largest trade association for data-driven marketing and service. We consist of a network over advertisers, non-profits, publishers, consultancies and tech-suppliers who aim to use data in innovative, but responsible ways to interact with customers. By providing knowledge, advice and networking opportunities in the field of marketing, data and privacy, we are contributing to a sustainable data-ecosystem in which organisations, as well as consumers, can profit from the benefits data can offer. Lastly, we aim to influence public policy by representing our members to policy-makers in The Hague and Brussels.

About VIA

VIA is the network that connects the entire marketing chain and, together with its more than 250 members, moves the market forward. A platform in which there is room for data, media, creation and technology and for everyone in the industry. From CEOs to start-ups and from professionals working at advertisers, media, advertising and communication agencies and ad-tech platforms to exploiters and publishers. Because we believe that connection is the engine of progress. For more information:

The people behind Friends of Search 2024

Eduard Blacquière (Edwords) – program & program
Lennert de Rijk (Artefact) – program & program
Bas van Poorten (SDIM) – social advertising
Stefan Rooijakkers (SDIM) – content & program
Gerk Mulder (Briljante Geesten) – communication & program
Mark Grasmayer ( – communication & program
Jordy Noll – Friends of Search Awards
Merel de Koning (DDMA) – overall organization & sponsorships
Bob Younge (DDMA) – communication & content
Marco Rensen (DDMA) – communication & content
Laura van Gessele (DDMA) – Sponsorships
Naomi Wallenburg (VIA Nederland) – communication & content

Was a fantastic event. Great audience, acoustics and organization.
Marcus Tober Chief Innovation Officer Searchmetrics
This was one of the best events I attended. Loved the opportunity to hang out with the other speakers, great questions for the audience, I got 30 LinkedIn chat with people excited about the scripts we shared!
Gianluca Binelli Founder Boosterbox
I liked the events both very much – they were well organized and as a speaker I felt really well cared for… it was a pleasure to be a part of the show :)
Martin Röttgerding Head of SEA Bloofusion Germany
I think you and the team have hit a whole other level that isn't matched on the European conference scene at all.
Brendan Almack Client Director Wolfgang Digital
Hands down best-in-class conference (organisation) from start to finish. Really enjoyed it! Thanks for all the great work.
Christopher Gutknecht Head of Online Marketing Norisk