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ASICS Case Study – Going the extra mile!

Hollie Gibson

We’ve been working with ASICS since 2019 and generated some impressive organic results which have driven a significant increase in both organic traffic and revenue. The presentation will detail a case study for ASICS, specifically their ASCICS advice section. what our KPIs were and the strategy we took to achieve them. We will provide an overview of the results we generated off the back of the strategy.

Hollie Gibson

Search Engine Optimisation StrategistRe:signal

My name is Hollie Gibson, I’m an SEO Strategist at Re:signal, and SEO agency based on the UK. I’ve been working in SEO now for 13 years and prior to that an online newswire company for 5 years. I love all aspects of SEO but my real passion is driving organic traffic through informational content strategies. I’ve worked for a diverse range of clients, both B2C and B2B clients from SMEs through to multinational corporations.