Heleen Blom

Heleen Blom, 10+ years of experience in online marketing, passionate about guiding companies in their digital transformation journey with a data-driven approach.
Advising Google’s largest and most sophisticated online players how to drive growth through a diverse set of Google Ads – and Tech solutions.

Christoph Lieflaender

Christoph Liefländer, Heading up all paid digital strategy and operations at Just Eat Takeaway.com. My team drives customer and courier acquisition across 20+ markets globally with a scalable playbook across Search, Display, Video and Social Media.

Marcel Smal

Marcel Smal has worked in Paid Search for over 9 years, on a number of big retailers and travel clients, with a passion for automation and creating new approaches to improve performance.

Daniel Lilliendahl

Daniel is the Lead PPC Specialist at SavvyRevenue: an agency focused on scaling Paid Search for B2C eCommerce stores across Europe. They manage Paid Search for some of largest D2C brand and retail eCommerce stores or provide sparring to in-house teams. 

“Our core opinion on PPC is that automation should drive everything at scale, and you need to understand and solve the business problem, not solely the PPC challenges, to scale successfully. 

We focus on the European market, and are headquartered in Denmark.”