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Mollie and RRS win Friends of Search Awards 2023

23 March 2023

During the anniversary edition of Friends of Search, the winners of the Friends of Search Awards 2022 have been announced. In the category ‘Best SEO’ Mollie bested the competition. In the category ‘Best SEA’, RRS took home the win.

Case Mollie: No-dip website relaunch of

The jury felt that the ‘ruthless prioritisation’ of SEO as part of the migration process was a great approach. The close collaboration of the SEO team with the dev team was excellent and a superb example of disciplines working together. The results were strong with an overall positive impact post-migration, which for a website with such a broad international focus was a very good achievement.

Baba Hausmann, Senior Search Engine Optimist bij Mollie: ‘This award honors the hard work Mollie’s SEO team and partners have put behind a complex project with high expectations. With ruthless prioritisation and our love of SEO, we managed a no-dip website relaunch, a performance we couldn’t even dream of! Thanks to the Friends of Search jury for their support and vote.’

Case RRS’s case: Maximizing Efficiency: How smart, data-driven campaigns made the entire organization of RRS 20% more effective

RRS’s case stood out to the jury in the sense that it combined business intelligence with automation to not only drive increased revenue and better employee utilisation but also a better bottom line. The judges were unanimous in their decision and would like to congratulate RRS on a magnificent case.

Gerdo Wolbers, Marketing Manager bij RRS: ‘We are extremely proud that Riool Reinigings Service RRS has won the Friends of Search Awards 2023 PPC. Fantastic work has been delivered by our team of data and SEA specialists. By making smart use of internal and external data sources, we have made great strides within the Google Ads platform, resulting in better deployment of our service technicians, more online appointments, and a significantly improved ROAS.’

A jury of international experts

Assessing the entries, the jury looked at how the cases distinguish themselves in clear strategic thinking, innovation, effectiveness, tangible results, clarity and privacy-friendly and responsible data use. The jury consists of two international teams of independent SEO and PPC experts: Barry Adams (Polemic Digital) and Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzer), Arnout Hellemans (Online Markethink), Kristina Azarenko (MarketingSyrup), Andrew Lolk (SavvyRevenue), Brendan Almack (Wolfgang Digital), Kate Adams (Google), Linda Hogenes (Coolblue), Marco Frighetto (Booster Box) and Tom Pool (Blue Array).