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Here are the nominees of the Friends of Search Awards 2023

09 March 2023

The jury of the Friends of Search Awards has decided. In the category Best SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Mollie, Toelevering Online and Pearle Opticiens will compete for the win. HEMA, Landal GreenParks en RRS are nominated in the category Best SEA (PPC). The award ceremony will take place during Friends of Search Fest 2023 on March 23 in the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam.

Barry Adams (chairman of the SEO jury): “This year’s entries showed how SEO has become a fully engaged aspect of running a business. SEO is given high priorities and appropriate budgets to help achieve critical business goals. We were impressed by the level of professionalism and smart use of proven SEO tactics demonstrated in the submitted cases, to achieve excellent results for the website and the business as a whole.”

Frederick Vallaeys (chairman of the SEA jury): “Most submissions for this year’s FOS Awards reflected how brands are implementing Google’s newest products and best practices for automated PPC to drive great results. But three cases stood out to us for their innovation and execution. The common theme between the finalists is how they integrated their business data and results with Google’s AI to take results to a whole new level.”

A jury of international experts

Assessing the entries, the jury looked at how the cases distinguish themselves in clear strategic thinking, innovation, effectiveness, tangible results, clarity and privacy-friendly and responsible data use. Other than Barry Adams and Frederick Vallayes, the jury consists of an international team of independent search experts: Kristina Azarenko (MarketingSyrup Digital), Marco Frighetto (Booster Box), Kate Adams (Google), Tom Pool (Blue Array), Arnout Hellemans (Online Markethink), Marcus Tober (Searchmetrics), Andrew Lolk (SavvyRevenue), Linda Hogenes (Coolblue) and Brendan Almack (Wolfgang Digital).