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Tips for entering the FOS Awards

05 December 2019

With the approaching deadline for submission on December 20, it is important to know what criteria the judges will look for when judging your SEO or PPC (SEA) case.
As mentioned on the Entry Form, our judges will look for evidence of clear strategic thinking, innovation, effectiveness, tangible results, clarity and transparency and privacy-minded data use.

Clear Strategic Thinking
The chosen strategy is the backbone of any good SEO or PPC campaign. What steps have been taken in order to achieve your campaign objectives and why?

Next, our judges will look for the most ‘out of the box’ case. How distinctive is your case compared to others?

Then, our judges want to know how well your campaign performed. Did you achieve your campaign goal or targets set? Don’t forget to deliver evidence of effectiveness prior and post campaign.

Tangible Results
Very importantly, how did you measure the results?

Clarity and Transparency
Are all relevant KPIs, figures and numbers included in the case? Remember to provide comparable before and after data and use exact figures rather than percentages.

Responsible & Privacy-Minded Data Use
And last but not least: our judges will check if you handled all customer data carefully. In times when user privacy plays an increasingly important role, to what extent have you taken measures to ensure that personal data is processed safely and responsibly?

Final Tips
Give your case a unique title to grab the judges interest! When writing your case, don’t assume the judges have seen your work or campaign. Give clear concise answers on the brief, the objectives and results.

Submit your Best SEO or Best PPC (SEA) case before December 20, 2019 at

Good luck!

Entering the FOS Awards is free. Just keep in mind ownership of an entry must be with brand/advertiser side. Check our FAQ for more info.