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Help Me Help You – The Art Of Solving Problems

Help Me Help You – The Art Of Solving Problems

Simo Ahava

12:00 - 12:30

In a world where division seems to regularly trump unity, it’s important to take a step back and look at the most precious thing we have to bring likeminded people together: community. One of the hallmarks of any strong community, such as that of Friends of Search, is that people are willing to give and receive help.

In this talk, Simo, a pathological helper, outlines some of the ways in which knowledge sharing can be made to flourish and, as a consequence, create stronger and more unified communities. It’s not easy to make communities thrive – human nature has momentum that makes it easier to cause strife than to heal it. However, there are certain mental models, practices, and thought processes you can adopt to make sure that you and the people around you are working for a common good. This talk will hopefully leave you with renewed energy for being a positive force in the communities you frequent.

Simo Ahava

Partner and co-founder8-bit-sheep

Simo Ahava is a recognized expert on customizing web analytics and tag management solutions to improve the entire “life cycle” of data collection, processing, and reporting. His main areas of expertise lie with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and Google has appointed him as a Google Developer Expert in these fields. He is especially interested in communication structures within organizations, as he firmly believes that communication breakdowns are the underlying cause to practically all data-related problems.

Simo is particularly invested in demystifying analytics development work, and his main focus is on increasing awareness, skills, and critical thinking around data and development.

Simo is a partner and co-founder at 8-bit-sheep, a digital services boutique. He’s also co-founder (together with Mari Ahava) of Simmer, an online learning platform for technical marketers.

Among other things, Simo writes a popular blog on all things Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager development at An experienced speaker and prolific blogger, Simo can be seen and heard in conferences, product forums, support communities, and developer meet-ups alike.