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Flight score – A unique model guiding KLM to more incremental value and fewer empty seats

Stijn Meertens

With around 27.000 routes to advertise on, it can be quite challenging to make smart decision on where you spend your advertising budget on. KLM created a sophisticated Flight Score model to calculate value for each route. Stijn Meertens will present how KLM designed this strategy, how this strategy is activated in the account and why it is so effective.

Stijn Meertens

Global Paid Search Marketing ManagerKLM

Stijn is a senior Paid Search Marketing Manager, currently working at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the world’s oldest airline still operating under its original name, founded in 1919.

He started his career at, where he developed a passion for automation, bidding, and data. His experience at provided him with a solid foundation to build upon, as he honed his skills and gained valuable expertise in these areas.

Stijn joined KLM with a mission to take the already well-organized paid search set-up to new heights. His primary focus has been on the implementation of external and internal data integrations, smarter steering, and channel orchestration. This strategic approach has allowed KLM to further refine its paid search activities, which already cover more than 60 countries and 7 search engines around the globe.