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Incrementality experiments for Search unfolded

Ana Carreira Vidal

Incrementality experiments are becoming increasingly popular as a tool to understand the true impact of marketing. Today what incrementality is, and how it compares to attribution and MMM, when is it a good idea to use and when other alternatives are more suited, and which tools are currently available to you. We will finalize with a real life example of how to use incrementality test results to evaluate your attribution model or MMM.

Ana Carreira Vidal

Media Effectiveness Product lead EMEAGoogle

As Media Effectiveness Product Lead for EMEA at Google I help advertisers understand the full value of their media investments and how to maximize them by making sense of the multiple solutions available in the market, like MMM, attribution, and incrementality and how they can work together. I am especially passionate about incrementality testing and have spent more than 5 years of my career running 100+ tests of all sorts during my time at Google and