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Privacy First Marketing Solutions: A Legal Overview

Romar van der Leij

For some time now, we have seen a shift in the marketing landscape toward a more “privacy-first world.” Alternative technical solutions are springing up like mushrooms. But are these solutions truly privacy-first and do they comply with laws and regulations? To answer that question, Romar has set up a series of Legal Talks on Tech in a Privacy-First World. Here, together with experts, he tries to provide answers from a legal and technical perspective.

In this light, Romar’s talk at Friends of Search will address the most relevant tools for the Search landscape. In doing so, he will try to outline the legal frameworks and provide guidance on how to deploy these alternative tooling. The main goal: trying to let the attendants walk away with a little more visibility into the (growing) legal forest.

Romar van der Leij

Legal CounselDDMA

Romar van der Leij is Legal Counsel at DDMA, the industry association for data-driven marketing. In this role, he finds himself in the middle of the sector, allowing him to put marketing issues in a legal perspective. In doing so, he and his legal colleagues look not only at excluding risks, but also at the possibilities that exist within the existing legal framework.

Calling himself a nerd, his main areas of expertise lie within privacy, marketing and information technology. Think of topics such as the extinction of third-party cookies, the use of e-mail pixels or the transfer of data outside the EU using Google Analytics. In addition, Romar is slowly starting to make a name for himself as an enthusiastic narrator of dry subject matter. So even if the content is hard to process, it certainly won’t get boring!