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Scaling SEO: Learnings for All Site Types

Gregory Edwards

12:00 - 12:30

The pure size and speciality of marketplaces make them a unique site to optimise for search engines. Having worked closely and seen success with numerous marketplaces over the past 6 years, Greg will be providing his key learnings that you can apply to your own site.

In this highly actionable, case study-driven talk, Greg will be outlining:
– Why you shouldn’t underestimate technical changes at scale
– How you should leverage a ‘less is more’ approach for your site’s indexation
– How to address optimisation more strategically to ensure widespread success

Gregory Edwards

Senior SEO ManagerBlue Array SEO

Greg has been in the SEO industry for years and is currently a Senior SEO Manager at Blue Array where he plans and executes SEO strategies for his clients. During this time, he’s been able to work on big brands such as the RAC, Photobox and The Drum though particularly enjoys the technical nuances of working with large-scale sites and marketplaces. Outside of SEO, you’ll find Greg playing football or indulging in fashion.