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The New Bing: how AI will change the search industry

Fabrice Canel & Mascha Driessen

What happens if you combine one of the most powerful AI solutions ChatGPT with a search engine? Find out for yourself during this live demo of the New Bing. Fabrice Canel (virtual) and Mascha Driessen from Microsoft will show you how you can optimise your content and advertising campaigns for the future of search.

Fabrice Canel

Principal Product Manager - BingMicrosoft

Fabrice is a 25-year search veteran at Microsoft and is a Principal Product Manager leading the team crawling, processing and indexing at Bing, which deals with billions of new or updated web pages every day.

For many years, Fabrice has been driving the evolution of the Bing Web Data platform to maximize Bing index freshness and comprehensiveness. He is also responsible for search protocols and standards. Prior to Bing, Fabrice was the Lead Program Manager for search across Microsoft Web sites in a role spanning from Search Engines technology to Search User Experience to SEO, in the very early days.

Mascha Driessen

Regional Vice President Continental EuropeMicrosoft Advertising

With over 28 years’ experience in the European Media & Advertising industry, Mascha Driessen is an award-winning leader and inspirational champion of elevating diverse voices and role models.

An experienced manager in building businesses and high-performing teams in an environment of constant change, Mascha thrives in Marketing and Innovation Management that harnesses state-of-the-art technology to positively impact strategies, business models and monetization.

Mascha’s Advertising and Marketing career spans across TV broadcasting (RTL), TV Production (Endemol), and Online (WebAds, Google/YouTube and Microsoft).

Mascha is passionate about harnessing the power of a diverse team, building trusted environments with psychological safety that bring the best for clients, partners and employees. Marketing with purpose lies at the heart of what she evangelizes for businesses to embrace and apply. Mascha was rewarded with the prestigious Global OC Award at Google and twice with the Microsoft Circle of Excellence Platinum Award, most recent one for Global Top Team.

Experienced as a board member of several associations, Mascha is also a seasoned speaker, having presented at numerous international conferences across four continents.