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The New Gatekeepers: Tech Trends for 2023 and beyond

Benedict Evans

As we come out of the pandemic, tech returns to the trend line – but the trend line is radical change. The Internet is breaking apart every aspect of retail, TV, brand and advertising, and creating new gatekeepers. But meanwhile, generative machine learning is a new wave transforming the nature of tech.

Benedict Evans

Independent tech analystNew things

Benedict Evans is an internationally renowned technology analyst based in London.

He has spent 20 years analysing mobile, digital media and technology, in investment banking, at Orange and at NBC Universal, in strategy consulting, and most recently in venture capital at Andreessen Horowitz in Silicon Valley.

He first entered the industry as a sell-side equity analyst for investment banks, before moving on to strategy and business development roles. Benedict is now an independent analyst and based in London. He writes about and discusses strategic and operating issues around consumer technology, ecosystems and mobile platforms.