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Leen Bakker and Vandentop Tuinhout win Friends of Search Awards 2022

14 June 2022

During Friends of Search in Amsterdam the winners of the Friends of Search Awards 2022 have been announced. In the category ‘Best SEA’ Leen Bakker bested the competition. In the category ‘Best SEO’, Vandentop Tuinhout took home the win.

Case Leen Bakker: Taste driven marketing with Leen Bakker’s data hub
The jury about Leen Bakker’s case: “This case exemplifies a more modern way of driving success in digital marketing where humans and machines collaborate in unique ways. They created a machine learning image classification system and enhanced it with their team’s deep understanding of the furniture industry to map consumer preferences to a matching style of home decor. Combined with Google’s ML for identifying similar audiences, they were able to show more relevant ads to furniture shoppers and by getting one step closer to one-to-one marketing, drove significant improvements in sales.”

Case Vandentop Tuinhout: Creating exponential growth in a competitive market on a limited budget
The jury about Vandentop Tuinhout’s case: “This was an excellent use of modern technologies to automate SEO at a large scale that manual effort would not be able to achieve in such a timeframe. The case showed Vandentop’s strategic approach combined with creative thinking, utilising the potential of automated content to achieve excellent success. This combination of factors elevated the case above the other nominations and made them the clear winner for all members of the jury.”

Vandentop Friends of Search Award SEO winner 2022

A jury of international experts
Assessing the entries, the jury looked at how the cases distinguish themselves in clear strategic thinking, innovation, effectiveness, tangible results, clarity and privacy-friendly and responsible data use. The jury consists of an international team of independent search experts: Kristina Azarenko (MarketingSyrup Digital), Barry Adams (Polemic Digital), Purna Virji (LinkedIn), Kate Adams (Google), Frederick Valleys (Optmyzr), Marcus Tober (Searchmetrics) and Linda Hogenes (Coolblue).