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Shampoo Bars and HEMA win Friends of Search Awards 2024

21 March 2024

During Friends of Search 2024, the winners of the Friends of Search Awards 2024 have been announced.  In the category ‘Best SEA’ (PPC), Shampoo Bars took home the win. In the category ‘Best SEO’ HEMA bested the competition.

Case Shampoo Bars

A cleaner planet starts with loyalty: how Shampoo Bars drives change through leveraging Customer Lifetime Value.

The jury finds the Shampoo Bars campaign the best PPC case of the year for its commendable mission and strategic excellence. With a core mission to reduce plastic usage, they’ve not only set a higher purpose for their brand but also deeply engaged with their audience on an environmental level.

Frederick Vallaeys, chairman of the SEA jury: “The Shampoo Bars campaign is a testament to the power of creativity and strategic planning, demonstrating that with a clear environmental mission and innovative tactics, remarkable results are achievable even on a modest budget.”

Shampoo Bars and HEMA win Friends of Search Awards 2024


A Cross-platform SEO Triumph: how HEMA dominaties TikTok, YouTube, Google, Instagram and Facebook with Data.

Based on smart use of data, HEMA’s creative organic multi-channel video strategy managed to achieve top rankings on TikTok and YouTube, which drove massively improved rankings in Google search for both broad and highly targeted keywords.

Barry Adams, Chairman of the SEO jury: “The jury felt that HEMA’s targeting of emerging search platforms with video content was innovative and creative. The execution was top notch, delivering outstanding results across video channels and organic search. A strong campaign that delivered great value and shows how search should be about more than just text content on webpages.”

A jury of international experts

Assessing the entries, the jury looked at how the cases distinguish themselves in clear strategic thinking, innovation, effectiveness, tangible results, clarity and privacy-friendly and responsible data use. The jury consists of two international teams of independent SEO and PPC experts: Barry Adams (Polemic Digital), Frederick Vallaeys (Optmyzer), Arnout Hellemans (Online Markethink), Eline Barten (Wehkamp), Heather Physioc (VML), Anu Adegbola (PPC Live UK), Linda Hogenes (Coolblue), Michel Nienhuis (Google) and Martin Röttgerding (SEA Safeguard).