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AI in Action: Beyond the hype of Gen AI

James Murray

11:25 - 11:55

If 2023 was the year AI concepts became mainstream, 2024 is the year people of all backgrounds start using AI tools and maximizing their benefits in everyday life. We’re now entering the era of Copilot, an everyday AI companion that works everywhere you do and intelligently adapts to your needs. Join Microsoft’s James Murray to discover:

  1. How consumer behaviour is changing with new paradigms of conversational search.
  2. How AI is evolving to multimodal inputs and outputs in text, speech and vision
  3. How advertising is being transformed with generative AI.

James Murray

EMEA Product Marketing LeadMicrosoft Advertising

James Murray is the EMEA Product Marketing Lead for Microsoft Advertising. In his role he is responsible for storytelling across Europe and orchestrating engineering engagements in the region to inform product development. James connects sales, marketing and engineering to develop and execute local product marketing plans across 35 regions. He is a powerful raconteur and product evangelist, being a regular contributor at industry events across the globe.