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Brace for impact: the new bigtech rules from Brussels are here!

Frank de Vries

14:45 - 15:15

Do you want to know why Google is introducing Consent Mode V2 and why it needs to be more transparent about its ranking algoritms?

The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Digital Services Act (DSA) are set to impact search marketing. Will the impact on SEO and SEA be for the better? The DMA promises a fairer digital marketplace, dismantling the dominance of Google Search (and other gatekeepers) and opening new avenues for innovation. Both the DMA and DSA will require more transparency concerning the inner workings of (ranking) algorithims. During this session we delve into Google its changes to consent mode, algorithmic transparency and what this will mean for you as a search specialist.

These new rules aren’t (just) about compliance; they’re opportunities to lead in a transformed digital landscape. With the DSA and DMA tightening content and advertising standards, creativity and compliance become the new pillars of digital marketing success. Undertanding the changes, being adaptive and a proactive strategy are the keys to thriving under these new rules.

Frank de Vries

Team Lead Legal | Senior Legal CounselDDMA

Frank de Vries is a lawyer at DDMA, the association for marketing and data. At DDMA, he supports members across the board: from telemarketing, email, to digital advertising, – measurement and AI. He has a particular interest in the responsible use of AI and other new technologies. Frank also focuses on public affairs and strengthening cooperation with regulators, ministries and European institutions.